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MyKFCExperience Survey – Start now to win exciting Prizes!

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken or should I say KFC? People love to munch on those delicious and juicy wings, with their special spices sprinkled all over it. I am a fan of KFC, and if you are reading this article, it will be safe for me to assume that you are too. But did you know that this multimillion company has a survey portal open for its customers through which they can offer their valuable opinion to the company?

KFC has a website called the mykfcexperience.com, which allows its customers to use their Mykfcexperience survey code printed on the receipt from their last visit. Using this code, you can enter the survey, and by providing honest feedback to this company, you can get prizes. These prizes can be anything, like a whopper, fries, burger, wings or even Go Cups. Read on to find out more about the KFC customer survey.

KFC Experience – Specialty of this Survey

You will get a blissful experience once you get a taste of spicy chicken burger or wings of KFC. You will observe all the good things about the KFC during your visit to any of their outlet. Even the staff members are very cooperative. You can ask for recommendations about the combos or which meal to choose to the staff members. You can also clarify your doubts regarding the service or orders with any staff member.

If you have experienced something odd about the outlet, you can convey your message through the feedback process. While placing an order, you will always be provided with a survey code. With the help of this code, you can present your message through a survey conducted by the company.

What will I get on winning the KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Using the KFC survey codes, you can enter their survey portal. A number of relevant questions will be asked based on your personal experience. These questions can be related to the ambience, taste, customer support, staff behaviour and any other extra feedback you would wish to provide them. After you have answered their questions honestly, you will win a free prize.

This prize can be a Go Cup which is a new launch by KFC. This Go Cup is suitable for people to carry it in their car filled with any of their liked delectable such as fries, wings, boneless chicken, popcorn, etc. Not only a Go Cup, but individuals can also win a whopper or a burger, fries, fried wings, burritos, or even some drink as aside.

Not every company will reward their customers with so much but using the Mykfcexperience survey codes; you can surely make your time a fruitful one. Why bother giving feedback to a company, if they are not willing to award you for it. You can use the code provided at the end of the survey to get your freebie in your next visit to KFC.

Entry methodsOnline
RewardsGo Cups, Whopper, Sides, etc.
Validity30 days
Required AgeMinimum 18 years old
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish

Questions Asked in the My KFC Experience Survey

All the questions asked during the feedback process will be related to your visit to KFC. If there is any flaw you may have noticed or not got your service properly, then you can mention by this means. You will have a chance to present your opinion about the service you have received. Following are some questions that will provide you with a brief idea about the survey questionnaires.

  • The first question will be related to your overall experience while your visit to any outlet of KFC. Based on your experience and level of satisfaction, select one of the given options.  
  • The second question will be associated with the quality of service as well as food. There will be a few separate sections in this question about the food and service. Select all the section properly with appropriate options. 
  • The next question will be related to staff members. While interacting with the staff members, how was their behaviour towards you? You can select the option accordingly to the service you have received with the staff members.
  • The next question will be related to the difficulties you have faced in finding the outlet of KFC. There will be a few options; you may select more than one option among given. 
  •  The next section will be provided to you for writing your feedback in your own words. If there is any point missing in the feedback process, you can include it in this section. 
  • The last section will be related to your revisit to KFC. If you are interested to pay a visit again to KFC, select yes else select no.

Question will differ as per the country you are residing in. But all the questions will be related to your visit to KFC. Follow the steps provided in this article, and you will be good to go. 

Modes of Entering into the KFC Feedback Survey

There are two modes by which you can provide your feedback to the company. You can use any one of them in order to provide your feedback. You can provide your feedback via mail or online. 


In this type of mode, you can provide your feedback on their official website. In order to provide your feedback online, you should always have your bill with you. The survey code will be provided on the bill. You can use it for taking part in the feedback process. Detailed steps about how to take part in the feedback process is given in this article as well.

You can refer to that section in order to perfectly land to the end of the survey process. You can visit the official website of KFCExperience. After entering all the necessary details, you can start your survey process. After completion of your survey process, you will have a chance to win coupon code. With the help of this coupon code, you will be able to receive a discount or a free food item on your next order. 


KFC also provides you with a provision of sending your feedback via mail. You can send your feedback directly to the corporate office. You just have to note down the correct address of corporate address ad send your postcard to the company. The company will contact you on the basis of the contact information you have provided in the mail. The address of the corporate office is given below. You can note it down and use it while sending mail to the company. 

Prerequisites for participating in the Mykfcexperience Survey

Entering into the survey can become much easier if you are already aware of the things that you may not beforehand. Therefore, in this segment, we are going to share with you the KFC my experience prerequisites which you must have, and which will make sure that you win the free go cups.

  • An active device like a laptop or desktop, mobile or tablet with Internet Connection.
  • The most recently printed receipt from KFC Food Joint.
  • The MyKFCExperience survey code that will be printed on the receipt.
  • The invoice should not be more than 7 days old.
  • The Shop Number from which you received your KFC receipt.
  • The date and time of receiving the receipt.

How to know if I am Eligible for the KFC Customer Survey?

Just doing the survey is not enough as you must also be eligible for it. There are certain norms that every customer has to follow to be eligible for the survey. Some of the norms for KFC survey are listed below.

  • You must be at least 18 years old on the day of providing feedback or taking the survey.
  • You must be a resident of that country from which you made a purchase at Burger King.
  • The invoice should have a valid KFC survey code which has not become outdated.
  • You must know either of the two languages for the survey, which is English and Spanish.
  • You must be a resident of either UK, USA or Canada to participate in this survey.
  • Relatives or related to staff members of KFC, or even an employee of KFC are not eligible for the survey.

Rules and Conditions for Entering into the KFC Free Go Cup Survey

Now that you know all the eligibility criteria and the requirements of participating in the survey, there is just one more step remaining to get yourself into it. Every company needs to make sure that there does not occur any fraudulent behaviour from their side as well as the customers who are taking the survey. Therefore, KFC has released some of the rules that you must be aware of before taking the survey to avoid getting yourself disqualified from it. 

  • You must be at least 18 years old while taking the survey.
  • You must have the valid KFC survey codes printed on their invoice.
  • The invoice must not be more than a week old.
  • A person can take the survey only once and not more than that.
  • If you do not submit the survey completely, it won’t be considered.
  • You must complete the survey at one entry; else you will have to start afresh with new survey codes.
  • You must be a resident of UK, USA or Canada to participate in the survey.
  • Multiple entries will not be considered.

Steps by Step Guide to participating into the KFC Guest Experience Survey

I am sure your fingers might be itching to start right away with your KFC feedback. But hold on, there is something more, much more important than just starting away. It’s the steps that you must be well-informed about before starting the survey.

Step 1: The first and most obvious step will be to visit any nearest KFC outlet and get yourself a receipt after ordering some food. This receipt will contain the KFC survey code.

Step 2: Enjoy your meal, come back home, and get your device out for the survey process. Make sure your device is charged and connected to the internet.

Step 3: Open your web browser. The most recommended browser will be Google Chrome. Type in the address www.mykfcexperience.com and press on ‘Go’.

Step 4: As soon as the site loads, it will display you the box to enter the survey code. Get your receipt and type in the code exactly as shown in it.

Step 5: Next step will be to type the time of your visit. No need to worry if you don’t remember it, as the time is already printed on your receipt. Just select it exactly as printed.

Step 6: In this step, you will select the language you are most familiar with. There are two languages available English and Spanish.

Step 7: After you have completed the last step, it will move you to the questions forum, where questions will appear one after the other. Select the answers which you feel are right and based on your personal experience.

Step 8: As soon as you are done answering all the questions honestly, you will be required to enter your personal details. The details will include the name, address, email id, phone number, etc.

Step 9: When you have entered all your details successfully, click on ‘Finish’, and the website will provide you with a survey validation code. Use this code on your next visit to KFC, and you can get your freebie right then and there.

When does KFC offer Go Cups?

KFC is a multimillionaire company which makes sure that all your feedbacks are heard and responded to successfully. To make their company better and more successful, they have introduced their customers with a survey portal which records what the customers have to say about them. But it is not for free. Every customer who decides to provide them feedback on lieu of their valuable time are in for a surprise. 

The participants for the KFC my experience will be rewarded with freebies such as Go Cups, munchies, whopper, burgers, fries and sides. The prize will vary as it is not guaranteed that you will always get a Go Cup, the prize will depend upon any promotional activity going on as well.

KFC My Experience Survey in Other Countries

KFC Philippines

If you are a resident of the Philippines, you can also give your feedback to KFC. The company has its own website for the citizens of the Philippines who has visited any outlet of KFC. The website for the Philippines is www.mykfcexperience.com.ph


If you wish to provide your feedback about your visit to KFC and you are the citizen of the UK; you can visit KFC official website of UK or https://www.mykfcexperience.com/. You can give your feedback on the website by providing your authentic details. If you are eligible and have all the necessary details, you can easily participate in the survey.

About KFC and its Products

KFC is one of the most famous companies of fast food throughout the world. You will find a variety of food items from different cultures here. The company was started in 1930 by Harland Sandars. At present, they have spread their business over 136 different countries. 

The main product of KFC is Chicken wings. This is one of the best food items for the company. You can get a bucket of chicken wings. They even have a variety of different types of chicken wings. You can try all the food items and discover the spices in your mouth. Along with chicken wings, they also offer French fries, coke and many others. It is highly recommended to pay a visit to your nearest KFC outlet in order to get a tasty meal. 

KFC Customer Support

800 Virginia Ave Fort Pierce,
FL 34982,

Contact No: (800) 225-5532

Social Media Link:

How to find KFC Near Me?

You can easily find nearby KFC outlet by visiting the official website of KFC. While placing an order, it will ask you about your location. Follow the following steps to search the nearest KFC outlet.

  • Visit the official website of KFC.
  • Check the section of locations.
  • While placing your order online, the system will ask you about your location.
  • You can provide your address, and it will give you the list of nearest KFC outlets. 
  • You can choose any one of them o place your order.

KFC Complaints and their Solutions

Not only does KFC provide a portal to their customers to share necessary feedback and even take a survey. They also have provided their customers with access to submit their complaints and grievance. Many customers are although satisfied with their service, but some do feel that the company is lagging behind in some way or other. So, in order to provide them with your constructive criticism or grievance against anyone of their store, you can choose to do it from the following methods.

  1. The first method is to mail the company directly through their mailing address. You can write your complaint in details and submit it to them.
  2. Another way is to call the company on their customer care number, which we have already provided and submit your complaint directly to their customer care officer.
  3. The other method, which is the most common is to submit a complaint on KFC forums created on their social media links. You can tag, tweet or share a video about your grievance, and the company will surely reply to it.


What do you get when you fill out the survey for KFC?

When you fill-up the form for the KFC survey, you will be happy to know that you are going to win a free Go Cup, or a whopper, burger or even fries and some sides along with it. 

Why is my KFC survey not working?

The KFC survey may not be working for you because, either you are not eligible, or the survey may have been closed. In case, the problem persists even after you being eligible, contact their customer support, and let them know about the situation.

Where to complain about KFC restaurant?

You can mail your complaint directly to KFC headquarters mailing address. Or you can choose to post it on any of their complaint fora, like social media. Another way is by calling their customer support directly and submitting your complaint there.

What is a Go Cup at KFC?

A Go Cup is a new menu item introduced by KFC recently. This cup is suitable for customers who are prone to travelling in a car and munching on KFC bites. The Go Cup can be filled by your choice of the food item.

How much are KFC Go Cups?

The cost for KFC Go Cups is around $2.95 or so. The price may vary depending upon the location.

What was the best customer service you received from KFC?

The best customer service that you will receive from KFC will be their quick order receiving and delivering.

How to contact KFC customer service?

You can contact KFC customer service through the number (800) 225-5532. You can also choose to contact them through their mail address.

How KFC satisfy their customer?

KFC makes sure that they respond to each and every complaint of their customer. They also make sure that their KFC survey is taken seriously, and their customer support works on it so that all the feedbacks taken are implemented successfully.


With MyKFCExperience you can now win yourself a free Go Cup or even a whopper. All you have to do is go to their official website and answer their questions honestly. The company makes sure that their customers’ grievance is heard carefully and also acted upon.