Amazon files a lawsuit against pentagon on allocation of $10 billion deal over to Microsoft

Amazon Web services have filed a lawsuit against the government’s decision of allocating a $10 billion cloud-computing deal to Microsoft. Amazon has debated and argued the government decision as an act that “contained clear deficiencies, errors, and unmistakable bias”. Well, I supposed it’s quite some nerve calling decision of the United States such.

And Amazon is sure to fight for it and has filed a complaint challenging the allocation decision of the government. Amazon has registered its legal complaint on Friday to the United States Court of Federal Claims challenging the decision and to prove its stern footing on the matter.

An Amazon spokesperson said in light of this decision, “[Amazon Web Services] is uniquely experienced and qualified to provide the critical technology with the US military needs. We also believe it’s critical for our country that the government and its elected leaders administer procurements objectively and in a manner that is free from political influence. Numerous aspects of the JEDI evaluation process contained clear deficiencies, errors, and unmistakable bias- and it’s important that these matters be examined and rectified.”

Microsoft wasn’t to remain silent on this matter after such a statement from Amazon. Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and IBM were competing with each other for this deal before it was allocated to Microsoft.

Microsoft spokesperson Janelle Poole defending itself from Amazon claims over the deal said in a statement_ “We’re ready to get to work so the men and women in uniform who serve our country can access the critical new technology they urgently require. We have confidence in the qualified staff at the Department of Defense, and we believe the facts will show they ran a detailed, thorough and fair process in determining the needs of the warfighter were best met by Microsoft.”

And the very surprising thing here is that this catfight amongst the various participants of the deal did catch the attention of President Donald Trump towards the redressal of the matter. For this deal, Donald Trump asked Pentagon to have a ‘closer look’ over it on summers. And that’s where the story just began. Yes, it true. Because according to President Trump, he had already received “tremendous complaints” over the deal, which was being sought by various leading tech giants.

He also said that “Some of the greatest companies in the world are complaining about it, having to do with Amazon and the Department of Defense, and I will be asking them to look at it very closely to see what’s going on.” And after some time, he tweeted over the deal as “Bezos Bailout.”

So why is there so much mess over this deal? That’s because JEDI which is the shortened form of Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. Jedi was aimed to provide a powerful computing system which helps to centralize the entire computing system of the US Military.

The deal was worth around $10 billion for over 10 years. And it’s simple math that no Tech giant would like to miss out of such a great opportunity for accumulating profits. And it was rumored that Amazon was first in line to get the deal ever since the project was announced in March 2018 and before the intervention of the Defense Department on the request of US President Donald Trump.

The Company didn’t explain the grounds of its protest clearly but wrote in a statement that “proprietary information, trade secrets, and confidential financial information, the release of which would cause severe competitive harm. The record in this bid protest likely will contain similarly sensitive information.”

Although the complaint against JEDI deal is sealed, and Microsoft even filed a request to participant as an ‘Intervention’ on this protest but hasn’t received any reply on its request from either White House or Pentagon.

The Defense Department did deny all such claims of Amazon regarding the deals and has given assurance that the decision lack any Political intervention or influence. According to the US Defense Secretary Mark Esper, the acquisition of the deal has been made fair and square without any kind of bias, as claimed by Amazon.

But this story does have a twist for all its listeners! For Retired Navy Cmdr. Guy Snodgrass has written in his recent work that President Trump tried to ‘Screw’ Amazon through this contract and that the former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis did try to object on this part. Well, although it’s just a claim and rumor going around like any others out there on this issue. But this rumor surely makes one raise their eyebrow for everybody knows that President Donald Trump isn’t much of a fan of Jeff Bezos owner of the Washington Post and the CEO of Amazon.

Well, nothing can be said on this issue with assurance on this aspect, for everything is either blurred out or been veiled with rumors. The only option is to wait patiently for the Court Verdict and hearing if it happens!

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