A special event by Apple is going to take place in December

To honour all the apps and games that launched in 2019, Apple has decided to host an event on 2nd December. The company will not be announcing any new products. It is just an event to celebrate the favourite games for the company. The event will take place in the Big Apple.

Apple just announced the launch of the new MacBook 16-inch pro. The invitation that has been sent to the press says “Join us for an Apple special event honouring our favourite apps and games of 2019”. It seems to be a replacement for the annual press release, but instead of launching anything new it is more of a 2019 rewind for Apple.

Lifewire Tech’s Lance Ulanoff tweeted this invitation. The tweeted image features the Apple store logo in Gold colour inviting people on 2nd December at 4 pm according to the reports by CNBC. The image also contains captions like “Loved by millions. Created by the best” along with “Join us for an Apple special event honouring our favourite apps and games of 2019”. It was also reported on 9to5 Mac.

Since last year Apple has made an effort to stand ground in the media markets; first, they brought iTunes to desktop, launching a subscription with the news, Apple arcade and the Apple Tv+. The end comes at the end of the year, so they just want to focus on apps and games unlike the event that happened in September where they launched the new Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 max along with the new watch series and update on the gaming service called the Apple arcade.

Not just that they announced the launch of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro with the edge to edge screen, which will have a new keyboard upgrade too. Apple may come with better specs or keep the specifications similar to its 15-inch MacBook Pro laptop, we will know that if once the laptop is released.

Usually, Apple just releases a press release every year that gives us the details about its favourite apps, games, music, books and movies. But this year they seem to be hosting some sort of award ceremony to appreciate the games and apps. It was speculated that there would be a press conference in October, but that did not happen they simply launched the new MacBook Pro and the new Air Pods with noise cancellation. Apple has never hosted an event like this, so it makes it difficult to predict what to expect from this event.

Apple always broadcasts its events by live streaming, but there has been no information given whether this event will be streamed live or not. The Apple event’s page has no information or details about the event. Although it is said that there won’t be any product launch or new release, but you never know Apple might just throw in a surprise for the holiday season and the year with a bang!

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