Mr. Cortana is here on Outlook for iOS and Android users

Mr. Cortana is coming to Outlook to read your emails and schedule meetings for you. You might be wondering, what’s exactly, “Mr Cortana” is? Well, allow me to enlighten you on this part! Mr. Cortana is none other than the usual Cortana with just a slight twist. And the twist is its Masculine voice or version.

Yup, as we all know that Cortana is a virtual assistant created by Microsoft for Windows 10 just like Siri for iPhone. And Mr. Cortana is coming to Outlook for both iOS and Android users after expecting it for almost around two years in spring 2020.

“Both our voices have also been upgraded to use Neural Text to Speech capabilities, making them sound even more natural thanks to deep neural networks that match the patterns of stress and intonation in spoken language,” says Andrew Shuman, Microsoft’s head of Cortana.

In a process to make Cortana into a “Personal Productive assistant”, some new changes have been introduced in it. Although initially, all these broader changes will be only available and limited to the United States at first.

Play my Email feature, where Cortana will play out your email to you, and you will be able to archive and star your email even while you are engrossed in your task. And don’t worry, even if you are playing, dancing, travelling or driving, Cortana is sure to play out your Email playlist for you.

However, you will need the help of headphones or earphones to hear the playing of your emails and schedules of your meetings. Cortana will even play out your calendar invites for you so that you won’t forget the dates when you have your meetings and family gatherings.

You can ask Cortana to schedule a meeting for you, as well. All you have to do is to tell it the time, date, venue and duration for the meeting or just tell her, “Find time for us”. And Cortana will do for the rest. It will look for a vacant space for you to set your meeting up for you. Then it will lookup for common free time and then share several common meeting timings with the participants through an email. Then it will confirm and mark the date suitable for everyone with a calendar invite to their respective emails.

Microsoft has relocated the Cortana team from its AI research division to its Experiences and Devices division. As according to Microsoft, Cortana is no longer a digital assistant that can be competed with other assistants like Alexa of Amazon or that of Google assistant. Its because Cortana is going to be represented as a Skill that is far more responsive and interactive while readdressing the grievances, queries, and questions of the users.

Microsoft will also generate a daily briefing email service through Cortana. The daily briefing email will include compilations of all the important documents as well as the summary of meetings. However, this service will only be available for Office 365 users limited to the United States for some time.

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