Google Maps now lets you manage your profile via Android app

Aiming to set things straight, Google Maps now allows users to tweak their profiles via the Android app. Up until a few days ago, Google did not provide the users with the facility to make changes to their profiles that were visible to the public. 

With a new update on Saturday, Google Maps now lets users control their profiles by letting them update their profile picture, name, bio, etc. through Android app.

The ‘your profile’ option from the side menu lets users manage their profiles, and not only that, the new feature allows the users to get a fast track to special privacy controls in settings. The new update lets the users have more control over their contributions. Users are now able to decide who can see their contributions and who cannot. Users also have the power to opt-out of sharing their profiles with the businesses they follow. 

In essence, the new update helps users maintain their privacy alongside making a contribution to fill in the details to help Google Maps thrive.

“Google is rolling out the ability to edit and manage your public profile from Maps. Previously, all you could do was check up on your Local Guides points, if you were part of the program, but you couldn’t edit your name or bio. With the new My profile tab, you have more control over how others see your contributions in Maps,” the Android Police reported on Saturday.

This is not the only attempt by Google Maps to increase privacy for its users. Earlier this year, Google Map introduced its users to go incognito. The feature allowed users to prevent Google from showing certain data on their account and hide their location. The feature, when turned on, stopped updating the users’ current location and hide the location from people with whom the users have shared their location. The feature also blocked app-related notifications and ads from popping up on the users’ phone screen. 

The incognito mode helped users to hide their locations, but the feature failed to make the user untraceable for everyone. The downside was that Google was still the one with information on the user’s every move in their database. Another problem that the feature failed to resolve was the involvement of independent apps. Google Maps had full control over the apps dictated by it but failed to stop independent apps that accessed the users’ location to give away the users’ privacy.

After the incognito mode, the new update by Google Maps allows users to view their Local Guide information just by simply selecting the ‘your contribution’ option from the app’s sidebar. The users can also view their profile as shown to the public by choosing the ‘view public profile’ option located on the triple dot menu on the top left-hand side corner.

It has also been reported that the new profile page is available on the server-side to the users. Google Maps is also expected to change the contribution tab and get rid of the old interface completely to give way to the new one that is seen throughout the beta version for the past several months. A revamp will be much-appreciated with the new updates.

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