Google adds another shortcut ‘.now’ for calendar entries; Just type or

Yet another achievement by Google makes its way, a new way to quickly create calendar entry through a short cut when using a browser. When one opens, they are directed to blank Google calendar entry to fill out the details. It is a short cut feature newly installed to save some time. The company has previously added a short cut for, which is a great way to make Google Notes creative.

Once you are used to the mechanism, you can simply tap ctrl + t and start typing on a document. Considering how useful the feature is Gmail should be the next one on the list to start using it. Last year the same time around Google introduced a feature that allows to create doc, sheet, slide within a few seconds without following the long procedure. Google has been working on to make our life easier.

Now when you need to add events to the calendar simply use to do the same. It redirects to a full-fledged page of events in which you could just type by clicking on add new event. The ease does not end there; if you want to add a new event to another account, you can do that right there without switching over. One has to type or and then write the number at the end. For example, one can type and it will create an account for the first account user logs in to.

Whereas will save the event to the second account as well. Just like 9to5google notes have a similar feature of creating entries in multiple accounts, the same feature has been presented in the latest development. Adding entries to the calendar are expected to be super fast due to the spontaneity that is required in the chore. Hence this feature makes life easier for users by creating short cuts.

No more requirement of an assistant when setting meeting reminders are just a click away. One has to just type in in the url bar itself and hence no need to bookmark or memorise the address any more. Such shortcuts ease the unwanted workload, which often creates a chain reaction of loss of time. Work will now be done just a click away. Google has always surprised us with the trends and updates that have been used continuously in order to keep the users updated with the latest technology.

This exciting new feature has continued to live us to the legacy created by Google, and hence we should wait for more such updates in future. We should also wait for the same for chrome, Gmail and etc. That would again be easy to work with the technology. However, the details have yet been shared with the users, but we hope for the best to be released soon.

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