Google’s Waze-like app, ‘Pigeon’ available for 5 more cities now in the US

Google has extended its Pigeon app to 5 more United States cities now, which means Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington D.C will also be covered in the range of the app.

Until now, the app had been rolled out for commuters in New York only. It was launched in September 2018, having been developed under Google’s workshop Area 120. New Yorkers could get updates about most of the rush-hour delay lines and could reroute accordingly.

Changing the way people have conventionally viewed transportation, the app provided the best routes, saving on the users’ time and also money. The app is aimed at providing a hassle-free transit to its users who choose the app as a guide for all those times when they commute. You are provided with the best and the most accurate route in real-time. Pigeon takes care of the duration also.

Using the Pigeon app, which the developers proudly call: ‘The crowdsourced Transit app’, you get updates about live status and real-time information on the subway, and about the arrivals of the bus, train, and ferries. Public transit riders easily get to avoid commuting delays and crowds.

Pigeon, which has now expanded across the United States, is part of Google’s Area 120. Area 120 is an experimental program within Google that helps in building new products under an umbrella system of entrepreneurship. It is viewed as Google’s workshop and laboratory area.

By giving its users an interactive medium in the form of a social community component, the app lets its users post comments and pictures about all details regarding transit that they intend to share for a particular place.

Be it some updates related to weather, or sensing personalized alerts about power outages or major service issues, Pigeon takes care of all of it, so that commuters can plan their travel in keeping with all the issues, rerouting or delays also.

Earlier, Google had its Waze app that works in much the same way. With Waze, you had your go-to GPS enabled system for times when you or your loved one commute. It provides alternate routes for you to get to your destination in less time.

Even Waze provides alerts about traffic, construction, police hazards, and help you plan your journey and get a travel guide throughout your journey in the form of a variety of voices. You can even search for the most economical fuel while you are on the go!

Also, the very popular navigation app by the search giant Google in its own name, Google Maps is also a transit and mapping application. While Waze offers navigation for whenever you are driving, Google Maps goes one step ahead when providing navigation. You can get directions while you are walking, riding a bike, using the metro or sitting and travelling in any public transit.

Pigeon works in the same way as Waze, where schedules and updates are not received from any local transit authority. On the contrary, commuters help one another by reporting delays, and other transit and public transport issues themselves. It works in the form of building a community.

Project lead Laura Rokita stated:
“Pigeon users in each city will have access to information that other transit apps don’t provide, like real-time crowds, unexpected incidents, and more context about delays. Pigeon sends alerts whenever there is important information that riders care about, like power outages and major service changes.”

Pigeon is currently live in six cities now, with the new addition of 5 cities of the United States. Android does not have the app as of now. Soon, the app will become a reality for Android users, also. Android users have been given the option of signing up for a waitlist. They would receive alerts when Pigeon becomes available on Android also.

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