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Got a Complaint to KFC regarding their Survey? – KFC is all ears!!

KFC is the worldwide famous brand for its mouthwatering chicken buckets, and to a lot of people’s surprise, its full form is Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, United States and is the world’s second-largest fast-food chain after Mcdonald’s.

But what if the chicken you were served was rotting or uncooked or your meal was cold? What if you were served the wrong meal altogether? Someone needs to be accountable, right? KFC has some serious market competition and to retain its lovely customers; it has all its ears for customer feedback and complaints through different methods and convenient ways! Let’s look into them at a glance. 

How to lodge a KFC Customer Complaint?

No one has time to get into long fussy methods to voice our dissatisfaction and unpleasant experiences at any outlet, so KFC has come up with short and quick strategies to take complaints and respond to them quickly. 

File KFC Complaint through Survey Page

KFC is very considerate towards its customers. The feedback and complaints help them better their mechanisms and serve your favorite food the better way. So it has launched a small KFC customer satisfaction survey (which you can fill at www.mykfcexperience.com) where you have you enter the survey code at the middle of your McDonald’s receipt and the time at which the order was placed.

The alternate way to fill the Survey in case the code is not written on the receipt is to fill the store number, date, time and a ticket number, which are all available on the billing receipt. Then you have answered a couple of questions and you’re good to go. Once done, you’ll be issued a KFC complaint voucher. And the KFC team will get back to you with an appropriate response.

File KFC complaints via Contact Us

You can directly get in touch with the KFC complaint departments of your country (which you can reach by clicking on this link: https://www.kfc.com/about/contact-us) and write to them directly about the unpleasant experience you had, or how KFC has failed to meet its standards of customer satisfaction. Or you could also call KFC corporate number for complaints 1-800-225-5532.

KFC Customer Complaints / Reviews

KFC keeps getting a mixed range of reviews on multiple platforms like Facebook, Zomato, swiggy, the KFC mobile app. And most of the reviews either complement the ‘Finger-Lickin’ good’ food it offers or criticizes the technical errors that might have happened at a particular instance of time.

From the source: Sitejabber, the following reviews have been recorded about KFC.

  1. A customer wrote that she went to the KFC on 11th St. in Rockford, IL and the service offered was ‘terrible’. She said she was given Half servings of mashed potato gravy. She wrote that she would never recommend KFC as her experience was horrible. 
  2. Another customer wrote that he and his family love KFC. The food tastes great. KFC outlets are easy to find anywhere in any place in the world. 
  3. Another customer wrote that she has been ordering from KFC for once a month over the past years and her orders have always been 100% accurate. What makes KFC special is the quality of food and fast and courteous service. The chicken and chips are always crispy and hot. Out of all the fast-food chains here, she loves eating at KFC.

What happens when you file a complaint with KFC?

All the KFC complaints that are registered by the KFC email or KFC contact page or surveys are forwarded to the KFC complaint department. KFC invests a fancy amount in its PR and a massive team of employees looks into it. All the complaints are auto-replies by their systems and later personalized responses are followed up. Each complaint generates a KFC complaint voucher, so it’s easy to track it for later use. 

Any on-call complaint reported on the KFC corporate complaint number is recorded for later use and on-call, solutions are provided. The customer may be issued free discount vouchers or gift cards to make up for the unpleasant experiences, depending on the situation.

KFC Customer Service

KFC has a very easy and reachable customer care service. It has a KFC customer satisfaction survey available online, which records all kinds of unpleasant experiences. Also, it has KFC corporate customer numbers available for on-call solutions; it has a secure job application service available on its website. Easy nutritional information can be demanded on the website and sponsorship requests can also be easily raised on the site.


How to contact KFC corporate office regarding complaints?

You can contact KFC corporate office regarding complaints by filling the online customer satisfaction survey or by calling KFC complaint number at 1-800-225-5532.

Where to register a complaint with KFC?

You can register a complaint with KFC on the official website in the Contact us section. Find it at https://www.kfc.com/about/contact-us

Who to call if you have a complaint about KFC?

If you have a complaint about KFC, call on the customer care number, which reaches the KFC department of the concerned region and area. KFC complaint phone number is 1-800-225-5532. 

How many EEOC complaints have been filed against KFC?

The exact number of cases filed against KFC under the Employment Opportunities Commission is unknown; however, according to recent sources, the company has to pay $30,000 to settle a disability discrimination suit.

How to complain KFC employee?

If you have any trouble with the KFC employee, you can contact that branch manager or you can call customer care and explain the issue.


KFC is America’s second-largest food chain and is super famous for its finger-lickin’ good chicken. It has customer traffic of millions of people per day, and thus their customer retention is essential to them. They invest heavily in their public relations and are very cautious of its reputation; therefore, they make quick efforts to fix messy situations to make their valuable customers happy. 

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