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KFC Survey Coupon – Give Feedback and win their coupons!!

KFC gives an exclusive offer to win $1000 upon participating in the survey. The survey automatically enrols the customer in the lucky draw itself. Not only has this KFC offered other rewards and coupons apart from this lucky draw of $1000.

Upon purchasing eatables from KFC, It giveaway rewards based on whatever the participant has on the receipt. KFC provides coupons, including KFC buffet coupons and KFC mobile coupons. These coupons can be redeemed in the next purchase. This gives the customer to save on the respective orders with the help of those coupon codes.

The reward on the receipt can land the customer with various discounts or to the sweepstakes process too that leads to the free survey rewards. Through this survey, the customers also get honest reviews and ratings by filling up the survey details. KFC offers the participant to scale the services of KFC on their parameters. This will result in upgraded quality delivery by KFC.

KFC offers free coupons on various chicken meals available at KFC and provides 30 days’ validity on the same. These coupons and offers, in turn, save a considerable amount of money over any combo meal or chicken meals available on KFC. Hence the coupons and offers give excellent value for money in any branch of KFC.

KFC Coupons

KFC coupon codes are of the dual advantage as on the one hand; it provides exciting discounts for chicken meals and side meals. Not only that to unlock the exciting deals and discounts, but KFC also offers a straight and simple process and that’s feedback! Surveys and Feedbacks assure quality and prove to be beneficial both ways. The KFC coupons are readily available to the customers after the end of the survey. This coupon can be used for four specialities in KFC, namely crispy specialities, chicken with popcorn, chicken and hot wings. The free coupons are available by applying the code printed on the receipt.

Rules to get and use the My KFC Experience Coupon

Now as to redeem the KFC survey coupon to avail the discounts and privileges on different meals at KFC there are specific rules.

  • The coupon is valid only up to 30 days.
  • The receipt of the last purchase you use to avail of a coupon is valid for up to seven days only.
  • Enter the survey code on the receipt and the time to get into the survey, which will lead to coupons.
  • To get the KFC survey code, you need to have the age of 18 or above.
  • In case you don’t have the 17 digit survey code on the receipt to enter the contest you can also use the store number and date and time of your last visit.

Ways to get KFC Coupon Code

  • One way to get KFC coupons is through survey which requires a purchase from one KFC store and valid receipt. 
  • For offline survey code, you can look up in the newspaper as there are several KFC coupons clipping published nowadays.
  • If you are using the KFC app, you can check out for any latest offers or coupons that you can use.

How to get free KFC Coupon through Survey?

  1. To avail coupon code for KFC survey, visit the official survey website of KFC that is www.mykfcexperience.com
  2. All you need to do is enter the required credentials (survey code and time of visit) as per your receipt.
  3. Answer the simple questionnaire of KFC related to taste, trend, quality, food serving, and cleanliness.
  4. Complete the questionnaire and boom!!!!! Your survey coupon is here!
  5. You are all set to have the KFC survey coupon and redeem the offer or discounts on your next visit to KFC.


How to get a free KFC coupon?

You can get a free coupon by completing the feedback of the KFC Survey.

How to use the KFC coupon code?

Write the coupon or discount code in the respective field on the receipt. Take that to the nearest KFC within 30 days from the date of purchase. There you can redeem the offer or discounts on your next order.

Where can I get KFC coupons?

You can get KFC coupons by visiting the nearest KFC branch and entering into the survey. Some times the KFC itself offers coupons in its app or for any events. But those may be for limited periods. So, check and choose the easy way to grab coupons.

Why do I no longer receive KFC coupons?

During the KFC survey, only one coupon per person per month is availed not more than that. This might be the reason why you are no longer receiving any KFC coupons. 

How to get KFC coupons in the mail?

You can fill the feedback and mail them with the necessary credentials like mailing address in order to get KFC coupons in the mail. 

What newspaper can you get KFC coupons?

KFC coupons are issued in the Sunday issues of most newspapers.

Where to get printable KFC coupons?

Printable KFC coupons are available in the newspaper. You can also get a printed version of your survey coupon through mail. 


As to compete in the cut-throat market, upgrading the brand according to the market is always a better idea to pace up. Feedbacks and surveys help the brand to register the current buzz of the brand among its customer base.KFC being a customer-driven brand concentrates on the mind-set of the customers regarding KFC. The regular surveys and giveaways engage a broad audience hence resulting in a massive growth of the brand itself.

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