Microsoft confirms Linux version of its Edge browser

This week Microsoft has confirmed that Linux would become available as a platform for its Microsoft Edge. Talking about as to when Microsoft added, Edge will see the new development shortly. The works have already begun and are in progress currently.

Microsoft currently had its Chromium version, which was available on almost all platforms, baring Linux. A few days back, at Ignite 2019, Microsoft confirmed its Linux edition for the Edge is in the works. Speculations and hopes were blazing all along previously when some hints of Edge arriving to Linux surfaced.

This development makes Microsoft Edge, now fully cross-platform. The Ignite session had been titled “State of the browser: Microsoft Edge”. It was in the session itself that the Edge team put forth a presentation that mentioned all the platforms Edge supported and will be supported by, shortly.

When it comes to Windows, Edge already supports Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 with all versions including LTSB and LTSC, and having S mode and the one with the Internet of Things enterprise. Microsoft Edge also supports Windows Server 2008 R 2 and versions above it.

The Android and iOS versions are already available amid a wide array of platforms and supported versions. Again, Microsoft Edge has had its presence on the Mac Operating System as well.

Edge’s official launch date has been finalized to be 15 Jan 2020, which talks of a fairly good amount of time before the Linux platform for Edge becomes a reality. Given that, the work would also be followed by a long duration of testing through Canary, Dev, and Beta channels; the duration of time is justified.

Microsoft has surely been planning big for its Chromium-based web browser. Edge targets to hit a billion users, which also corresponds to it acting as a standalone rival to Google Chrome.

The corporate vice president for Microsoft Edge, Chuck Friedman told in an interview: “We sort of reached this point where we recognize the promise of the web, open access to all the world’s information, feels great, but the price of all of your information as part of that body wasn’t OK. It’s not just about the operating system. It’s not just about search. But it’s actually about the full M365, the combination of the operating system, plus security, plus the productivity tools.”

All the work has been put for the Version 1.0 of Microsoft Edge to be out at just the correct time. It will not be just a vague supposition if we say that Edge is being designed in keeping with the competitive challenge Chrome poses.

Setting and bringing up Edge is being done as a confident alternative to Chrome for the more experienced users. This user base is something close to 150 million.

Talking about Edge’s arrival and integration with Microsoft Office, Chuck gave a piece of his mind: “We do a better job of integrating around collaboration with Microsoft Office properties who all have great web experiences. But, frankly, we need to meet them partway and help them do more. I’m excited for an opportunity of almost a relaunch of the Office web properties with the browser. There’s more innovative work we can do there.”

Undoubtedly, a lot of positive buzzes has been created. It is surely going to be interesting to see how the users receive the Linux version for Edge.

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