Route’s app lets you monitor your packages from online shopping websites

Shopping from online sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and other websites have advantages as well as disadvantages. While you get the benefit of buying anything from the comfort of your home, there is also the tension regarding the package condition and whether the package is damaged, and the difficult job of getting the exact location of the box as no such service was there earlier.

Why did we say earlier? Because now there is an app that will provide you with the live location of the package, the condition of the box, and the time at which you will receive the package. Along with that, you even get to insure your package by paying only 1% of the item price, which is negligible, and in return, you get the benefit of the insurance policy of the company. The Route Gmail extension has been a lot of help to monitor the packages from shopping websites, food websites, and many more, and now the company is launching its first-ever iOS app along with tons of features.

The Route is a startup, which is increasing due to its services. Last year, the company stated that it had come up to $8.85 million in revenue run rate. This year, Route announced that it had raised $12 million in total. The company is going to use the profit for maintaining the demand and add some more features to its app.

The co-founder of Route, Evan Walker, who is also the CEO of the company, stated that consumers “no longer accept the unsatisfying status quo of not knowing exactly where their order is” which further became the cause for starting the company and is the fuel which keeps the company growing every day. Evan Walker, a 25-year entrepreneur, has already developed seven companies, and he is the brain behind the Route idea. The communication gap between his business and customers was one of the essential reasons as to why he formed this company.

Another reason which encouraged him for Route was, when he was in Italy and heard a furniture shop keeper stating his concerns about delivering vintage trunks and how they might break halfway in the journey, and he has no solution to fix it; this is where Walker decided to form a solution which would not only let the customers and the shop keepers know the location of the item but even delivers information showing the current status of the item.

The new Route iOS app is designed for iPhones and iPads, and it will locate the packages only from partner companies of the Apple company, though you can still look up for your packages from Amazon and other websites through the Gmail extension available. Moreover, the insurance feature is also going to release on the same day, and it will cover up for lost packages, damaged or stolen packages through one click, and the user can get reimbursement from Llyod’s Of London. The insurance policy feature is available only in the new iOS app, though we are still hoping for the feature to show up in the extension too.

The company has even confirmed that the industries or merchants who have joined hands with Route have seen an increase in their profit and a significant decrease in expenses on customer support teams, which they were able to use in other items. The merchants even said that they received better customer reviews, due to which their rating increased and more people started referring them. The rout has been a lot of help to customers & shopkeepers and keeps both the parties well informed about the packages, starting from the order acceptance to the delivery.

Everything has its rivals and competitions like there are rivals in the smartphone industry; likewise, Route has also got its competitors. When people got to know about the company, most of the companies even decided to apply the same formula and do business. Rakuten’s Slice is one such competitor that Route is currently facing. It can track the items from email id of the person and can even go for a refund if the item is damaged or returned.

Another rival is the 17Track, which lets the user get their tracking numbers in case of a wrong email address, while the Parcel has a barcode scanner, and ParcelTrack allows to forward the email regarding the items, to monitor them.

In this fierce competition, Route needs to maintain its position and accordingly add new features that will not only benefit the customers but will even help the company in many ways. The iOS app is the first step that Route has taken, to connect with more customers, and soon enough, it’s Android app will also be available in the market. Whether it will be free or not, we will get to know about it soon.

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