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KFC Philippines Survey – Share your experience of deliciousness @ www mykfcexperience com ph

Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC, is an American fast-food restaurant, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. This restaurant specializes in fried chicken. It was founded by David Sanders or Colonel Sanders in 1950. This man is a world-famous personality known for his fried chicken. It has its own phrase as “Finger-Lickin’ Good Chicken.” 

This food business spread across hundreds of countries and thousands of stores. It reached the Philippines in the year 1966 and created an estate as one of the prominent and favorite chicken restaurants in Filipinos and is one of the best food chains around the world. KFC has become one of the favorite fast-food restaurants for the people due to its delicious taste and affordable prices. There has been a tough competition for KFC among some of the world-famous food chain restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, etc.

MyKFCexperience Philippines Survey

As far as surveys are concerned, almost every substantial and prominent franchise in the world has started conducting its own survey. It could be a food supplying franchise or travel and transport franchise or fashion brand franchise. Here, data from the standard population can be collected in the form of opinions and feedback on services of that franchise. This, in turn, would help analyze it, identify the good and bad points and hence work towards providing efficient solutions.

KFC is also one of the food brands among those franchises conducting surveys for the sake of their food business. Talking about KFC Philippines, in this context, it conducts surveys for its clients online, through the website itself. The primary purpose or goal here is to collect certain kinds of data from their clients. This data could be regarding their restaurant like delivery service, quality and taste of fried chicken, prices, outlet quality, staff interaction and behavior, etc. In return, they can further improve upon their negative impacts and make the clients content and satisfied. 

Benefits of KFC Guest Survey Philippines

KFC Philippines conducts surveys for the clients by the name, KFC guest survey Philippines on mykfcxperience.com/ph/. This is conducted not only for the benefits of customers, but the company, too, has an equal-weighted advantage. Clients enjoy the privileges in the form of free coupons and rewards, apart from concessions and discounts.

Occasionally, some lucky customers will also get a chance to enjoy free chicken. Just spending some time and answering a few questionnaires and a free chicken on your plate. Customers also get to experience certain new food items on the menu, which makes them extremely delighted.

This mykfcexperience survey.com.ph helps the company to enhance its positioning and reputation in the market. To achieve this goal, companies focus on the negative feedback and comments obtained from their clients.

The feedback at mykfcexperience ph could be regarding chicken quality and taste, staff behavior, delivery services, or any other outlet services. The data is investigated further for the upgradation and betterment of the business, which would make customers happy and generate gigantic revenue in the market.

Eligibility and Rules to take My KFC Experience Survey Philippines

There are specific rules or terms and conditions applicable in case of to be strictly followed before taking part in the survey and are listed below:

  • Customers must be residents of the Philippines. 
  • The minimum age required is 18 years.
  • Customers must have a receipt with survey code from a participating KFC restaurant to take part in this www mykfcexperience com ph survey. 
  • Staff members, employees, and their immediate relatives are not eligible for this My KFC Experience Survey Philippines.
  • Coupon code must be spared towards the finish of the overview and used before its lapse to get a free chicken alternative on the next visit to the store.

How to fill KFC Philippines Survey Form? @ s.kfcvisit.com/phl

There is a website, www.mykfcexperience.com.ph, designed for customers to take part in the survey. Customers need to go online and log into the website. There is one mandatory rule that one must possess the recent KFC receipt with them acquired from their previous visit to the store.

  1. Go to their official survey site; s.kfcvisit.com/phl
  2. A code displayed on the receipt needs to be entered in the KFC Philippines survey form.
  3. Then, some details like the date and time of the visit and billing id might be required to fill in Mykfcexperience Philippines survey.
  4. Soon after this, you can see a questionnaire on the screen, asking certain questions on service delivery, quality and taste of food, etc.
  5. These details are submitted using a “Submit” button, post which a validation code is provoked, which you can redeem on your next visit to the KFC store.

KFC Philippines History

KFC Philippines has progressed a long way since its birth in 1966. It has achieved a great history and success, winning the hearts of people and the city. KFC introduced several new delicious food items in the menu like:

  • KFC Zinger
  • Double Down
  • KFC Chizza

Because of this, its business grew a lot in numbers and around 100 stores got established.

KFC Philippines Customer Service

KFC Philippines provides a hotline for contacting KFC Philippines at- 887-8888 which is available from 9am to 11pm.

Address and Contact No’s

  • Henson Angeles City, Pampanga Rizal St. San Nicolas
    • Your KFC Phone Number Philippines: (045) 887-2323
  • Mac Arthur Hwy. Angeles City, Pampanga Jake Gonzales Blvd. Virgen Delos Remedios
    • Your KFC Contact number: 0917-6723924

Philippines KFC Social Media Links

KFC has been promoted to various social media websites ever since. Here are some of the links to it:


How many KFC branches are there in the Philippines?

There are around 82  branches of KFC in the Philippines.

How much is KFC Franchise Philippines?

The estimated budget for commencing the startup ranges between $1.2 million and $2.5 million. A minimum investment of $45,000 is required in order to become a franchise owner.

Who is the owner of KFC Philippines?

Mynt is the owner of KFC Philippines. Ayala Corporation and Ant Financial are the telecommunication firms that retain further.

Where was the first KFC in the Philippines?

The first KFC in the Philippines was at Somerset Road in 1977.

Final Verdict

KFC is a great brand that keeps on adding new food items to its menu for making customers satisfied and happy. Comments from customers are very helpful for the company and KFC wants to see its customers content and happy. It takes just a few minutes to take up a survey and complete it. After all, exciting offer coupons and free chicken are coming up for you. Get ready. It’s not at all a waste of time if you could get good quality and delicious food from here!

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